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Nescoffee Shop, Ella Sri Lanka

Nescoffee Shop is probably the most popular restaurant and bar in Ella. You can find it located about half way down the main street.

It's owned and operated by Dash - That's him on the right!

Now I'm fairly fussy when it comes to food, but here's a quote I heard on more than one occasion while I was there ...

This is the best food we've had in Sri Lanka!"

And I have to agree! Whenever I went to any other restaurant I would always find I would end up comparing the food to the Nescoffee Shop in Ella!

The food Dash cooks is always so fresh ... and the flavours ... I'm starting to feel hungry just thinking about it!

He has created a simple menu that covers a broad variety of dishes, and he also does the traditional rice and curry too ... although I bet you don't finish it all!

One thing I really like is fresh fruit so I had to try a smoothy and to be honest if I wasn't drinking one of his cocktails (he makes an amazing mojito!)  then I would usually be having a banana smoothy!

Now here's a little secret that not many people will know about ...
Dash is a man of many talents! He can pretty much help you with anything you may need ... and he doesn't ask for anything in return!

He sorted out problems with my phone, spoke to people in different resorts for me and arranged a safe car and driver to take us to Tangalle. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. He is always happy to assist, so it's worth dropping by Nescoffee Shop. He is very well connected not only with the other business owners in Ella, but to other businesses and resorts around Sri Lanka!

If you wanted to contact him before you visit Ella, you can email him at nescoffeeshopella@yahoo.com or you can call or sms him on +94 (0)771 804 020. Just mention that you got his details from this website.

I almost forgot ... he also has internet and free wifi if you take your own laptop!

When I left Ella, Dash was renovating the shop next door to turn it into a bar, so it should be a really cool place to chillout at now!

Opening Time: 8am
Closing Time: Whenever you want to leave!

I can't stress enough ... Dash is a genuinely nice guy and I look forward to seeing him again soon.

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